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BFF: Brainfag Forever

posted in Home Jabber on May 03, 2008

BFF: Brainfag Forever (front)

Yes, yes, yes! This is the really real, final, for reals goodbye to the moniker BRAINFAG.

A 224 page collection of 8 years of my comic self-tutelage, with the entirety of issues 5, 6, 8, 9 and the very best of all other issues, including Brainfag 1, BFX, and Mixtape. Also included is anecdotal comics explaining each issue, as well as the first 25 years of my human existence shoved into FIVE PAGES -- from crash birth-landing on the hospital floor (damn butterfingers) to my whiskey, coffee, and pot-addled puffy-jacketed tenure as HOT TUB COP at Doe Bay Resort -- where I first set pen to crappy paper and birthed BRAINFAG.

BFF: Brainfag Forever (back)

I've long been threatening to retire .. and I'm again reconsidering, moving everything to (the now boring)

When I get 2 minutes of free time I'll reconsider. But for now, waiting for the sad demise, please go throw eight clams at the kind folks who offered to put the brainfag comic collection onto dead trees for your enjoyment.

BFF: Brainfag Forever (side)

Only $8 from Microcosm Publishing! Support your favorite nomadic maverick's comics with a mere eight clams today!

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Bought one.

and yes. is so .... pedestrian.

kimberlee 5/4/08

yay!! thanks kim! I love that I can follow your thoughts online now, btw, since I never get to see you.

yeah was a very quick throw-together hoping I'd get more illustration than web work. who knows, maybe it'll happen after all. I'm certainly feeling even more fatigued than
usual with the computer-machine after over a year straight of geeking out in LA.

hope you like the book!!

nate 5/4/08

Hooray! I'm gonna go empty my change jar. I was saving it for medical emergencies, but...

Joseph 5/4/08

we want you to quit your job and make/sell Nate action figures! love the book, it's just the right mix of stuff. What a lot of years in there!

judi-mom 5/6/08

saw the book last night at jake's, looks effin great. when i get my bank account out of overdraft...

alex 5/9/08

what? email me your address damnit. i just got my box o' comps in the mail.

nate 5/9/08

well, i'll see you in a couple weeks anyway, but i wanted to buy it. support struggling artists and all that.

alex 5/12/08

I got mine yesterday! It's great!

Arlene 5/15/08

after you left, one of the people at that BBQ was reading it in the bathroom and was totally into it, then realized that it was the same guy who had just left the party. i confirmed it was you and he was excited and said he'd order a copy. so make sure you write off your expenses for that BBQ as "promo" on your taxes.

alex 5/28/08

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