pssssst! brainfag is retired! i'm now at


brainfag is retired

posted in Home Jabber on July 12, 2008

i'm now at

(you can read all this on the new homepage, but if you're like me, you rely on RSS for updates, so here it is again!)

almost 8 years to the day, i ended my 5-year luddite hiatus from technology after dropping out of virginia tech, bought a generic 600mhz pc and registered

i was then a landscaper living in a solar/hydro-powered, woodstove-heated, for-reals greenhouse on the idyllic, cold & clean orcas island hidden in the puget sound. as i retire brainfag, iím a corporate webnerd living in an overpriced 1-bedroom apartment just outside hollywood in hot, stinky, foul-breathed los angeles.

why retire bf? i have grown tired of explaining my most fav word ever, brainfag. yes, thatís a lame eulogy. maybe this is better: lived a long and prosperous 8 years, which is like 250 years old in web-years. When she began telling the same old jokes three or four times, crapping her pants, and craving wheatabix, we decided to put her down.

i have also retired the comic title, "brainfag," but i will of course continue to draw.

you can explore my digital entrails of the last decade by entering the archives.

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Nate, this is HILLARIOUS. I was actually over at LAST NIGHT and signed up for the RSS feed. And then today you retire There must have been something in the air! Or it was The Force! I felt it!

Congrats on officially retiring Brainfag. I'm pumped to see what direction you go in comics... or what you call it, if you keep doing the same thing!

alec 7/13/08

I'm going to be wearing black all week.

Joseph 7/14/08

I like you and your stuff wherever it is.

Hi, I am Joseph's cyberaunt. Why do trimmed leeks upset you? I love your casting call photo. It reminds me of my favorite joke for some reason:

"Goin' fishin'?"
"Got worms?"
"Yeah, but I'm goin' anyway."




plastic-packaged leeks with the ends cut being advertised as "trimmed" as if they are going to save you some time is what burned me. i like trader joe's, but their vegetable selection is rather sad. it would be a noble effort if it was somehow separated, and they tried to support local growers, offering non-styrofoam-and-plastic wrapped earth edibles. but i'm not holding my breath.

nate 7/16/08

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