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MoCCA bound

posted in Home Jabber on June 05, 2008

I realized I'm on the list of exhibitors with a link here.. and I haven't really mentioned that I'm going to be at MoCCA with my own (what looks to be bare) half table this year. Work has been so crazy busy that I haven't really been able to whip up much in the way of merch to display on the table -- but when I think about it, this is one point in my life where I don't really worry about MONEY. So, I'll just bring my new book, what I could finish up of my Korea comic as a preview teaser mini, and just have fun!

See you there, fellow comic dorks.

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did you really just say "crazy busy"?


kimberlee 6/6/08

ha! whatever frenchy. is mad busy better? Haha. whitefuzz brainfag stress blind and ulcer Slurping? hmm..

nate 6/6/08

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