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posted in Home Jabber on June 19, 2003

Writing from a cafe -- am i geek entrenched in wifi-dorkdom or merely human utilizing a new communication technology? Exempt from guilt in carrying spear towards death of earth? Bah!

Altho here I am developing a streamlined e-commerce checkout process. I'm trying to foresee the consumer's most painfree pathway to giving up his credit card number. I don't want the consumer to be afraid or nervous. The enlightening Brainfag Book of Consumption is proving useful. (Ar! Another project on the backburner!)

I effed up on making cards for my niece's birthday, my mom's birthday, Abi's birthday, my brother's birthday and father's day. I haven't drawn a panel on BF7 for months. I didn't finish my piece for the Make Something anthology. I'm not at MOCCA. I'm three months overdue on the illo job for Willy. I've read about 10 pages on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

However, I've taken to waking up and immediately drinking coffee, foregoing food & hygiene. I don't answer the phone anymore. I avoid all contact with girls. Exercise is biking from bed to coffee to food to bed.

Must complete streamlined, flawless & unhackable e-commerce checkout process.

Must make impressive website. Must think only in PHP. Must get my shit TIGHT. WORD! WORD! *cough* *hack*

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