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posted in Home Jabber on June 13, 2003

In the last five minutes sitting here on the couch:

1. Some fool on television named Bill O'Reilly smugly spouted his firm belief rap won't exist in ten years. He went on to say how real musicians like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles are still around, performing in their fifties, because they adhere to these crazy concepts of "songs" and "melodies," whereas rappers merely "chant." Rap has been around for more than fucking 20 years, you twit. I'd sure as hell rather listen to new hip-hop than new rock.

2. In researching Philip K Dick on the web (trying to find his term for a stereo in A Scanner Darkly, I found in a random article sci-fi compared to comics as "another disposable genre that rarely drew attention from literary critics."

3. I had yet another friend inform me how "boring" brainfag is now. I sure would really enjoy having a few friends that made their own websites so we could bounce ideas off each other--it's a lot of work to update a site often.

I'm working on setting up a design site so I can use that for a web-business-card & relax a bit on brainfag. So far the only name I've come close to liking is 'clixel' -- which is growing on me a bit. But onscreen it just reminds me of a feminine product, like some sort of clitoris device. Right, Nate.

I bought a sleeping bag at the bins today because it said 'Twin Peaks' on it. I'm a sick, sick fan. It is a nice sleeping bag, tho. And I do like camping. har har.

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