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posted in Home Jabber on August 20, 2003

I was able to finally finish the Belmont Gang story for Brainfag7 on Orcas, as I recently stayed two weeks in a cabin that had nothing in it but my laptop, bristol & a book. Well, there was a rat there too.

Outdoor work, exercise, sauna, and good conversation, catching up with old friends: exactly what I needed to combat my city malaise. Of course, now I'm back in pdx and breathing exhaust, slurping coffee & staying up 'til 3am, drinking more, etc.. But hopefully moving into a new space soon will keep me on the up and up.

Now I'm in the process of wrapping up Colony, a few short comics, and designing a cover for Brainfag7. I hope to be finished by the end of September. My thumbnail notebook has Spring '03 written as the release date. Just a tad behind schedule.

Also I recently was the best man at my good friends Shawn & Becca's wedding. A nice ceremony & fun reception with a late night bocci tournament with lots of old friends. The night before was a pleasant evening of bachelor debauchery at Doc's.

I'm still working on the new Flash & Archive sections. Hopefully I'll wrap that up very very soon.

Sleep. Sleep is good.

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