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posted in Home Jabber on September 07, 2003

This is Timmy, the server from which Brainfag, Shrike and Clixel is served. Notice the wild tangle of freshly soldered wires, the many months of dog hair buildup, and the precarious multi-outlet dangle. Talk about an unsung experiment in the works.. Timmy has been on for nearly three months without a glitch. A veritable warrior against filth.

I drew two panels today.. edits for yesterday's mistakes. That's it. I was drawing well, too, but decided to completely distract myself and do eBay auctions. I'm currently pawning off anything I own of value that isn't my laptop or camera, intent on weening my possessions to the absolute minimum. It's kind of working.

It sounds like there's a tv playing on our porch and I'm almost inspired to put on some pants and go investigate.

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