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posted in Home Jabber on September 21, 2003

Jeremy & I braved the foo-foo downtown mall to see a matinee showing of Lost In Translation -- the new Sofia Coppola movie with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (wow, I spelled that right on first try..) One of my favorite opening shots ever: Scarlett's butt, perfectly framed, in underwear, on a bed.. which is fitting, as a good portion of the movie is her putzing around her hotel room in underwear. And Bill Murray is hilarious in his finely-tuned understated, sad way. Lush colors w/ music to match (think My Bloody Valentine & Air), a lot of quiet, awkward & well-framed scenes.. A great movie that didn't necessarily go anywhere.. it reminded me of how Miles Davis' In A Silent Way affects me: rich textures, a lot of subtle build-up, and no real climaxes or resolution. Both leave me with this surge of vague nostalgia.. An abstract but positive emotional state.. Which is *exactly* what I crave as a Cancerian male: abstract & textured emotions. Har har.

In the process of scanning all the pages for BF7. I still have *one* more page to ink, but I should have that done tomorrow.

I can't wait to get my BMX cruiser. Oo-ee.

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