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posted in Home Jabber on September 12, 2003

Today was sneakily productive. I inked a page for BF7, looked at houses to rent, designed a database for Joe's Microcosm Publishing site, and ended the night drawing a rough for the BF7 cover. This is in part due to the two americanos and a huge coca-cola I consumed during the day, and my first-ever Red Bull at 10:30pm. Of course, it's now 4:16am and my eyes feel like they're barely held in the sockets and my heart's hopscotching like mad..

Last weekend I visited Crater Lake for the first time and camped at Umpqua Hot Springs for a few nights with Debbie, Marie & Jeremy. Jeremy opened a can of chili with a dull hatchet. My favorite hot springs graffitti: "IF YOU'RE RIDING MY ASS, YOU'D BEST BE PULLING MY HAIR." Such a thought-provoking bit of wisdom to ponder while soaking amidst the pristine beauty of Umpqua National Forest. Vandalizing, nymphomaniac, littering foulmouthed hippies totally rule.

The end of the month I'm camping again with my dad & brother, and afterwards I get to bring home my new bright yellow HARO 24" BMX CRUISER. Now I own *four* bikes, adding to my collection of a hacked & hawed Takara roadbike, a found-dead-&-fixed Huffy 20" BMXer, and a spraypainted fluorescent orange Trek mountain bike. Not the most admirable of bike collections, but somehow charming as a group.

Shrike #2 is reviewed in this month's Punk Planet. I haven't seen it myself but hear it relays dry but positive sentiments. Jeremy's all about a #2.5 issue, but I doubt we'll work on anything until we find a house.

I hope to offset print the BF7 covers, and I still have about 8 pages to ink, but I'm shooting to have it out by the art show I'm a part of at the downtown BACKSPACE GALLERY opening first Thursday of October.

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