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posted in Home Jabber on December 20, 2003

I haven't googled my name for quite a while.. some highlights:

1. Two things I uploaded to the net in 1993, A Wheel of Fortune game I made called "Rueda" and an icon set called "Simplicity," both for the Amiga computer, are still available for download. I had totally forgotten this, but the (terrible) icon set comes with a snapshot of my computer's "workbench" at the time, which included a drawing I did of my ex-girlfriend Ginger. I don't have a copy of that drawing, but here it is buried in an LHA archive as an Amiga IFF file on the web for ten years. Too strange.

2. At the bottom of the very last page of results is an entry titled "i never get laid" with my name listed right below that. If I was actually getting laid, this would be funny.

3. A review of Nathan Fake's album Outhouse: "The final mix is the 'Beaty Tool Mix', where Nathan focuses on the acid bassline of the original, with some tight cut up loops creating a monstrous groove." Word.

I just watched Zoolander at 2am and it cracked my shit up. My shit's all cracked now. It's terrible.

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Nice mustache...

Alec 12/21/03

that's what i was going to say, only i prefer the spelling "moustache."

jack 12/22/03

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pre_loads() in /big/home/nate/brainfag/archives.php on line 20

Jimmy Rocklips 12/30/03

Yes, the only sections that work right now are comments and the homepage. I'm slowly plodding thru the other sections as I find time. Not sure why I'm developing live.. pretty sloppy!

nate 12/30/03

I like the new layout yo's. I't be killn dat shit upside the head. Werd. What about rounded corners on the right side and punched holes on the left side? Keep up dos' gnarly cascading tiles.

Funk Master Flex 12/31/03

Got the rounded corners. Punched holes didn't look good.. Scott suggested a spiral wire binding.

nate 1/2/04


funky fool 1/2/04

the corners rock. perhaps move the comments to the opposite side so to give the illusion of a sheet under the main content? you are totally awesome, by the way. You rock in every way!

can can 1/2/04

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