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posted in Home Jabber on January 10, 2004

Back on the DSL gravy train. Ooo-ee. Roollin on the crest. 27k/second. Wowee.

I uploaded a new comic, OLD TIRE SOUP. This was my xmas present to my brother's kids. I can say with absolute certainty that they just ate it up, completely ignoring the new Gameboy and skateboard competing for attention.

It's still frickin ice everywhere here in pdx, though we're trying to melt. The roads are clear, but first you have to make it off your lawn without breaking your neck.

Scott & I finally dived into the world of Halo last night, wirelessly networking at his house, sitting across from each other at a table deathmatching thru our respective 15" powerbooks. I have to say Scott would survive in an apocalyptic competition atmosphere. He has that bloodthirsty older brother gene that is unstoppable.

World rejoice: I shaved my scraggy-ass beard.

PS: In moving to DSL, I casually deleted my dialup POP account in OS X's Mail, thereby causing ALL emails ever sent or received under that account to DISAPPEAR. So, if you're wondering why I haven't written you back, write me again. And curse Apple's Mail for doing such a goddamn stupid thing. Apple? You listening? That's really fucking stupid.

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Hi, I happened by your site in a search (Nathan Beaty was that search) reason being my name is also Nathan Beaty, so I decided to read your site and find it rather enjoyable. Well I guess thatís all, bye.

Nathan Beaty 1/30/04

So, do you pronounce Beaty as "bee-tee" or "bay-tee" ?

nate 2/1/04

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