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posted in Home Jabber on January 17, 2004

Jeremy has been reading this odd Russian news site, Pravda, and came across an article about a girl who miraculously developed x-ray vision after a botched appendix surgery. Other National Enquirer-esque articles are interspersed actual news, such as a deadpan report that Satan has moved from Iraq to New Jersey. I have to admit, the site kept my attention much longer than the usual random website, and I'm still confused as to the legitimacy of their content.

Yesterday I truly secured my geek status by actually having fun setting up a wireless network here at the dude ranch. True, my favorite part was drilling holes in the house, but I also found myself giddy after getting an ancient Windows 95 box to serve up DSL and fileshare with the PC downstairs. Egads.

The snow is mostly melted. Just big mounds of skanky leftovers in parking lot corners. If one could be in a state of "very ready," that would describe me in relation to spring. Bring on the sunshine, goddamnit!

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