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posted in Home Jabber on February 06, 2004

My friends Alex and Scott revealed to me yesterday that they have been secretly hooking me up with dates by posting a personal on craigslist and then having friends vote on who I should choose from the girls who responded at How weird is that? I'm flattered, and also think it's hilarious, but now I have to go out on a date! Shit! My plans for eternal bachelorhood has met it's first unexpected adversary.

We received our valentine from our landlord today: a $50 late fee on rent.

I posted four new illustrations I drew for the Shrike #3.5 mini Jeremy has been working on. Actually, he's been finished w/ the writing and layout end of things and has been harassing me to get off my ass and draw something for the issue for weeks. Jeremy found an amazing site of a buddhist photographer, Manabu Yamanaka, and I drew some images from his series of dead animals. I recommend checking out his site -- there's some amazing stuff on there.

Microcosm's redesign is getting very very close, and I'm just fine-tuning and finishing up the checkout end of things. I'm working with Jack Saturn on finishing up a new site that's the online equivalent to the local crafts extravaganza: the Homemade Bazaar. I also met with Brett from Top Shelf today to get some preview images for their site -- I hope to get the online comix section for them done before the upcoming APE convention.

Been listening to Stereolab's new album, Margerine Eclipse. It's the first album they put out since one of their members was killed in a biking accident and is pretty damn rockin. Also on the playlist: Outkast's The Love Below, Medusa's EP (finally found a copy), and the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Just read: Epileptic by David B. -- fucking amazing graphic novel. Highly recommended.

I've stopped eating and sleeping and am getting a lot more work done now.

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The photographs by Yamanaka are great. Thanks for the link.

rachel 2/21/04

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