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posted in Home Jabber on February 10, 2004

  1. Fall asleep at 7am, having just finished Microcosm checkout.
  2. Wake up and have yet another weird panic attack at 8am for no apparent reason. Slowly fall back asleep.
  3. Wake up at 2:30pm. Go with Scott to take close to $30 worth of beer bottles to the store.
  4. Get home at 6pm.
  5. Eat.
  6. Watch Meet Your Meat movie. Avoid vomiting.
  7. Fuck with Microcosm's incomprehensible CSS layout problem in Opera until really irritated.
  8. Don't fix it.
  9. Curse computers.
  10. Jeremy stinks up house cooking big, juicy steak. Avoid vomiting.
  11. Watch Thirteen.Remember how miserable teendom was.
  12. Sleep at 3am.

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Do you feel that Thirteen was worth a watching ?

Anonymous 2/15/04

You know, I keep wanting to set up a movie review section.. Jeremy voted it down for Shrike.. and it doesn't seem to really fit in here on Brainfag.. but I always forget what I thought of a movie -- or even what movie's I've seen.

Lucky for you, I very *recently* saw this movie, and can say, yes, it was worth seeing (which surprised me -- I was expecting crap.) Holly Hunter is great, as usual. I just read that the screenplay was co-written by a 13-year-old, who also plays one of the leads, which explains her convincing delivery.

My biggest complaint is the overused & unnecessarily distracting jittery & tilted, "reality-like" camera work. I can't stand that shit. It works at times, pulling you into the scene, as it's intended to do. But too often it's used at points where it has the opposite effect, attracting attention to the camera angle instead of the scene.

But what the movie aims to do, it does well. It follows a frightening descent a teenage girl takes to be cool & sexy like the media & society & her peers say she should be.

Another complaint I have is the last fifteen seconds, which leaves you with a quick & disconnected image, right after a perfectly good ending. I don't understand why so many directors completely flub the ending of their otherwise good movies. Can't they see how a few finishing edits could let the viewer leave in peace? I seem to see this a lot. "Oh, this is end. No, wait, it's still going. Why? Oh, end it here. No? OK, now this has to be end. Uhm, still going. Etc."

It's also pretty disturbing, though not nearly as feel-crappy as, say, Kids or Requiem for a Dream. I'll shut up now before I give anything away. Yes, it's worth seeing.

nate 2/15/04

i think you could find a spot on for it as well as some other items that you or others could add too, like really strange web sites or strange auctions on ebay. a once a week thing would be kinda cool....

yobro 2/16/04

yo beaty...
missin ya over here in the land of fried cocroaches and grubs and all those asian eyes staring ever so intently...i have no comments about your comments, 'cept to say that your site rocks as usual. hugs!

Aurora RAh RaH 2/16/04

thanx nate,.....
"Lucky for you,I *recently*......"
Indeed I do feel lucky that you had a thoughtful response to my question.I think that I may give it a look-see based on your input.Fortunately, I have another 13 (Thirteen) years before I have to worry about my daughter being in a similar situation.
Your assesment of Requiem was spot-on. I found it difficult to be drawn in to the story because of my visceral repulsion to the subject matter.

Anonymous 2/17/04

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