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Master Beaty .. er, Procrastinator

posted in Home Jabber on March 07, 2004

The Portland con was kind of a bust and the Trifecta of FONK were somewhat disheartened after the whirlwind Seattle tour. Not only was it hard to breathe from the air being thick from hardcore comic collector's bad breath and b.o. -- we each sold barely enough to pay for our table, likely due to our indie comix bad breath and b.o. A cute girl did buy my one copy of Brainfag 5 tho, which will surely swoon her with my sensitive comic boy ways, and she will track me down and we'll totally get it on and I'll have more material to draw my next comic! Haha!

Not much else to report. The shirt I sleepily chose to wear today was so skanky (long ago plucked right off the back of the venerable Keith Rosson), I actually rode up to the Goodwill mid-con and bought another.

Ezra, Alec and I brewed up some ideas to create a local comix community website, so I just registered the domain I've always wanted to create a site where people could log in and add content, and there really isn't a good forum for communication among comic artists here in town. There's a group of people organizing an indie comix event in early June, which I'm slowly committing to help organize.

I have an art show in 3 weeks and haven't done a damn thing. I continue my title as master procrastinator.

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Let's here it for the procrastinators!! I have a paper about engineering due Friday and I am now looking for a topic and resources!! Fortunatly it is only 2 pages and I can bullshit.... i mean come up with a nice paper. YAY!!!

Shawn 3/10/04

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