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Fonk trio invades ECC

posted in Home Jabber on March 03, 2004

Last weekend I was a member of a whoop-ass team that destroyed Seattle. We dropped our megaton comic bombs on every book store we could find. Then Ezra Claytan Daniels of the Changers, Alec Longstreth of Phase 7 and I blew minds at the Emerald City Comicon, vowing to fight the good fight and represent indie comix wildstyle. This Sunday we plan to infiltrate some superhero Portland con.

I put up the first version of, the site for the Zinester's Guide to Portland. We are offset-printing the guide this year, and are looking to raise $3,000 to do so. If you'd like to be a benefactor, please email me. We've sold over 750 copies of the 2003 edition, and we're positive we'll be selling the 2004-05 edition like hotcakes. As a sidenote, I saw the San Francisco folk put together a strikingly similar guide called the Mini Pocket Guide to San Francisco. It's full of beautiful art & design, and pushes us to do even better with our next edition.

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