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posted in Home Jabber on December 25, 2004

Yes, it's that time of year to celebrate our good friend Jesus' day of birth with freshly severed saplings and 25 million tons of festive paper! I chimed in this morning with a freshly sizzling slice of our family's traditional xmas breakfast: scrapple. Which, to the uninitiated, is a tender slab of mashed pork necks and/or livers congealed with cornmeal. Topped with a bubbling, grandpa-fried egg and some extra salt for good measure, I'm feeling just about tip-top for the upcoming madness caused by kids opening gifts.

I hadn't partaken in the scrapple tradition for some ten years, but it miraculously fits into my current strange diet.

I'm just about finished with the latest comic update, which may be the last as it will round out the beast to an even 100 pages. Against all better judgement, I plan on printing a VERY small print run and sending out to a few lucky people who can hold in their hands my endless blathering diatribe of brain fatigue.

Last night at the always insane xmas eve party held annually at my godparents house, my mom snuck in the large watercolor I've put off sending to my brother for six months, and I was treated to a barrage of drunken family members "OH YOU ARE SO TALENTED!" and "WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR ART?" and "YOU SHOULD BE FAMOUS!" It was a testament to human will power that I did not break my teetotalling spell and run for the bar. Instead I ran to the bathroom and left a present!

As always, the brief respite from the computer has been blissful.

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL christmas! Yay!

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thanks for the update on the family gathering. i wish i was there! i am working today and hoping that everyone gets along until i get off work. love ya bro, and hope to see ya soon!

yobro 12/25/04

Hey Nathan,

Just WHAT the FUCK are ye DOING in friggin' ASTORIA!?
Bizarre man...simply bizarre...!

Come back to PDX soon,
but until then,ALL the BEST to ye thar laddie!

Rev.Stevie Fever,CMNC

Rev.Fever 12/29/04

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