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posted in Home Jabber on June 16, 2002


May 23

Tired of my graying brain creating scheduling conflicts, I created a dayplanner for myself. Of course, I never remember to look at it. Saw a good show at Dave & Jenna's with This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, a fun band that inspired me to dance like an idiot. However, being around a lot of people made me feel like a social misfit and I crawled into my shell and scribbled on my pad. Ah, the cancerian artist-dork is a tough role to fill. I think I'll go weep in the sink.


May 25

More great live music: Frank Black was in town, and besides the stupid drunk jock idiots pummeling eachother on the floor in broken glass, it was an amazing show. Then, Mates of State last night. Great music but again I had this reoccuring feeling of being socially inept, stiff 'n' old (all ages Meow Meow drawing highschool crowd).The problem is this feeling has become more and more pervasive ever since I holed up in that damn greenhouse...


May 28

What's wrong with me? I can't stop changing brainfag. Someday I'll be happy with it. I just stayed up all night and got to see the sun rise. Walking in NE at 4am, albeit a bit sketchy, was a refreshing reminder of being fascinated with clouds, dew on grass, trees & powerlines.. The stillness allowing a different appreciation of things. Then, as I approach my gate at 4:30am, a man on a bike passing asks if I "need anything." I tell him no, but thanks!


May 31

I've been becoming more and more powerful. I sense that I will be able to destroy all of my enemies within a week. Not only that, but I've learned to punch my wall. I elbow the furnace. I jab the cabinet. It's only a matter of time before I swell up like a giant, rotting watermelon and SMASH my inhibitions. Then I will be having some fun, oh yes, then I will be having the fun!


June 2

I've decided to dig a large hole in the ground with my fingernails and lay down. I'll take some cookies with me. Pounds and pounds of cookies. I will eat all of the cookies until I vomit in my dirt hole.

The sun has been burning up my brain.


June 4

Excited to start drawing brainfag6. The bike-zine shrike i'm working on with Jeremy is coming along quickly. Hopefully I'll have both of these done in time for the symposium.

On other fronts, things are looking up. I filled in my hole with dirt and clipped my nails, then decided against a boring life.


June 16

Our mix tape party went well. Now I will dub 20 copies for the unsuspecting participants. I am so hungover that my brain is a sad clump of sawdust. I should sleep. My internet box keeps telling me "Unable to establish connection.." and I can do nothing but continue to click on connect.. connect.. connect.. It still isn't working.

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