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One lazy-ass colorist

posted in Home Jabber on August 16, 2002


July 28

Rode to Star E Rose for breakfast and coffee with Aaron, Ana & Jenna. Drew a few frames in my developing journal comic. I'm still struggling with finding a format to display these. I'm thinking I may link a frame, such as the one above.


July 31

Who says I'm colorblind? I am one lazy-ass colorist, lemme tell you. I mean, look at that! Hahaha.... Been drawing Colony again. I've come such a long way since I started it so long ago.Altho, I also see how long I have to go before I start understanding the process of drawing comics. Trondheim's Oddballz made me laugh today; he's great! We're putting out a mini-shrike this weekend, and I might head off to Newport for a few days after that..


August 13

That old picture of me sums up how I've been feeling lately. Full circle! Back to 1977's anguish: poor, bad haircuts, shaggy clothes and mood swings knocking me around like a punching bag. Maybe I should go get something to eat?


August 16

Went to figure drawing at Ed's for the first time since I modelled ages ago. This is the only drawing that I like. I've had my head buried in the computer trying to deal with the heat.

I just finished the first incarnation of the redesign. There will most likely be quite a few changes, but it's up and functional.

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