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The sun will disappear and everything will die

posted in Home Jabber on August 30, 2002


August 18

Aaron and I were accepted for the new EXPO anthology. I seem to have crashed from my recent creative run. My brain is stiff and slow all of a sudden. I have all these projects I want to work on because I'll have to get a job soon.. I'm afraid that I'll feel like I wasted my 8 months of unemployment. Panic hits me and I vow to finish the 4 or 7 projects I've begun in the last 3 years.. but now that my brain is mush from the heat and whatnot: I'M DOOMED! I did manage to squeeze out that silly drawing to the left, tho. Word.


August 23

Had some damn good sushi with Philip, Shannon and Aaron yesterday. Refreshing to eat food that invigorates rather than sludges through the digestive process (ie: this morning's breakfast of peanut butter toast and black tea). I keep thinking about getting a job. Instead I drink some coffee and draw draw draw. Yar!


August 26

I've been helping Brett screenprint covers for some of the Top Shelf small batch books. Josh Simmons (Happy, Cirkus New Orleans) is in town and hung out while we screenprinted yesterday. He brought over a fucked-up yet wholly entertaining japanese movie called "Battle Royale" which supposedly won't be released in the US. The image above is the second spread for BF6.3.


August 30

Meet Donna. Hi Donna. Or is it Dianne? Is her hair red? She looks irritated at my indecisiveness.

Right, I'm officially ready to let you look at I'll be fiddling with it forever, but I like where it's at for now. Jeremy and I are so so SO close to putting out Shrike1.5 -- it still rests in my bike-greasy, stiff with booze paws, waiting for a few drawings and a backpage. Oh yeah, and I haven't finished my essay, har-har.

I was surprised to see some leaves falling yesterday and realized it's September already--fall is upon us. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I'll be able to wear a lot of clothes and walk in the rain and be comfortable with my natural claustrophobic introversion -- on the other, the sun will disappear and everything will die.

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I loved your website...
really, your life is like mine.
But sometimes I fell so tired and alone in t his fuck world.
I loved it.
Pretty good.
see ya'.

Sayuri 6/7/07

how do you do that???
sorry if i'm stupid...
I can't speak english well

Sayuri 6/7/07

@sayuri: amen, brother. how do i do what? lot's o junk on this aging page.

nate 6/8/07

i just loved it.
sorry, sometimes i ask things stupid like that.
whn did u write it? 'the sun will desappear and everything will die???
It's magic!!! *-*
Whr are you from ??

Sayuri 6/8/07

"posted in Home Jabber on August 30, 2002" -- long time ago. i'm from newport OR, blacksburg VA, salt lake UT, westport WA, orcas island WA, portland OR, astoria OR, and now los angeles CA! mongrel nomads unite! where are you from?

nate 6/9/07

My god!
how can u be in so many places in the same time?!!?
unhappyly i'm from brazil...
today here is the valentine's day
and i donĀ“t have a boyfriend!
see how haapy i'm!

Sayuri 6/13/07

at least you're not in the states! hallelujah! boyfriends are overrated.

nate 6/13/07

love it ..


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