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This just in: Nate's a retard

posted in Home Jabber on September 16, 2002


September 3

Ha! It's a Craig Thompson doll!

I'm going to print Shrike#1.5 today, as well as some BF6's & BF5's to send off with Aaron to SPX.

Yesterday I toured Angelo's bars of Portland before settling in the sticky $1.25 Avalon theater for the teenage shplegh of a movie, Scooby Doo. My favorite part of this movie was watching the extras dancing in the background. I seemed to laugh at the opposite moments of the rest of the theater.

At night, Scottt dropped in for a last minute trip to see XXX, which turned out to be refreshingly entertaining, amplified by the dismal midday trauma of scooby. "It's a fragment of a complex molecule." HA! "Welcome to the danger zone!" HAHA! "I live for this shit!"


September 6

Aaron just called from SPX. Sounds like fun, even if it is a nerd-fest.

Jeremy added a letter to Shrike. He's wrote to the president, chief-of-police Kroeker, and mayor Vera Katz. They're pretty damn funny.


September 13

This is from a quick jam Aaron and I did.. there's another page which I'll put up in a few days.

I've been roaming about other comic sites and getting that dreadful feeling that I'm one of the mediocre comic artists. Ugh.

In reviewing how people got to brainfag, there was a google search for gorilla porn, a visitor from my makeoutclub profile (i love embarassing myself), and a glowing review on Optical Sloth! That made my day.

I've been waking up and laying in bed for too long. Then I crawl down and sit in front of the computer for too long. I have stopped eating. Um, nate? Doughnut? Coffee?

Brainfag stickers are on the way!


September 16

The second page of a jam between Aaron and me.

I'm on day 3 of a lemonade fast. Word.

I really don't have too much to report, except I've begun pencilling the final pages of BF7. I'm worried I'll do a crappy job being so flat in the head from fasting, though.

This just in: nate's a retard: I just received a notice of $44 in overdraft fees, one of them for a $2.34 purchase. This is the final piece of convincing evidence. I give up.

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