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My Mythological Project

posted in Home Jabber on April 06, 2005

Just returned from Sin City, and despite the fact that I hate Bruce Willis, I've come to really dislike watching gore in films, and I didn't particularly like the comic in the first place, I really enjoyed the film. Sure it can be fucking gross (nut-ripping, anyone?). Sure it's stilted and stiffly acted at times. But overall, I think Rodriguez did an amazing job translating a comic to film. Worlds better than say, Ang Lee did with the Hulk. (I wanted so badly to like that film, and it did have its moments, but overall: UGH.)

This weekend I hope to finish sheetrocking the attic, and therefore get my workspace in functional order. I am hellbent on getting caught up on webwork and then taking my long-overdue hiatus from the computer so I can start crafting my now nearly mythological Big Book.

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This is one of my favorite pieces so far. I like how you separated the colors... like on the union pacific boxcar and the grafitti. Super good. And the grass... Don't get me started. I can't wait for you to start laying out your ideas for your big mythological book. Maybe it should be just that. Like a modern myth story created by you. Set in portland. Monsters and boxcars... yeah...

rn rnr 4/7/05

Thanks.. still don't know about that sky color. My latest idea for the book is to draw inspiration from when I was a foolish (& often hilarious) 17-19 year old. Then pull in stories from other sources..

I know you want me to draw a story with monsters, I'm just not able to draw em more than once. They'd have to change on every page. (hmm...)

nate 4/7/05

Ha ha ha. I looked at this drawing for about 3 minutes straight and clicked in here to write up some comments--but Aaron stole all of them out from under me!

I say, if Herriman can change the backgrounds every panel, you can change your monster every panel. BIG BOOK! BIIIIIIG BOOOOOOOK!!!

Alec 4/7/05

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