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Ivan Brunetti makes me feel good

posted in Home Jabber on April 16, 2005

Jesus how time flies. I can't believe it's been ten days since I last wrote. It definitely doesn't feel like it.. I STILL haven't finished my attic space, but today I decided to just ignore the exposed insulation and stack of sheetrock in the middle of my floor and the glassless window and just set everything up as if it was done.

I uploaded an early first mockup for the Motel Life cover.

I didn't get my taxes in on time.

If you find yourself around (everyone's favorite) intersection at 12th and Sandy, check out Aaron's GIANT art on display on the Oregon Coast Aquarium billboard! He was also approached by Nike to use a photo of his beautiful Russian nesting dolls which appeared in the latest issue of Complex (I know you all subscribe, admit it).

I drew a quick coloring book for my niece Hannah called At Least My Big Brother's Not....

Soon Bok and I have been cheering ourselves up by reading Ivan Brunetti's Schizo! comics. Every time I think I'm fucked up, or that I draw offensive comics, there's nothing like a good dose of Brunetti to put my mind at ease.

Geeky notes: for those on OSX, there's a new 10.3.9 update that jumps Safari to v1.3, with many badass improvements to WebKit (huge speed increase and HTML textarea editing support! fuck yeah! see Surfin Safari for details). And Peter Maurer, creator of the fantastic Butler has released a slick alternative to the cmd-tab app switching method called Witch, which lists all the windows open in each app.. very nice.

Where's muh nav buttons Safari?!Geeky update: my initial excitement with Safari 1.3 has waned. First and foremost, Brainfag's navigation buttons have disappeared on the homepage! WTF? They show up on every other browser on the planet fine, *except* Safari now. (And I effed with the CSS for those rounded-corner tabs for HOURS on end, finally getting them to work on MacIE, WinIE, Mozilla, and Safari. Now they break on the previously most-forgiving browser?? UGH.) Also the cmd-shift-arrow method to shift tabs changed, and cmd-alt-v to view source is now cmd-shift-u. Yes, I was able to change these through Keyboard & Mouse through the System Preferences, but what a pain. And when I update to Tiger, I'll have to do that again? Dumb.

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brunetti makes van gogh look like a paragon of equanimity.....

scott 4/16/05

I sat at Old Wives Tale the other night, looking at that billboard, thinking it looked like Aaron's work. Hah! It's neat.

Nobody 4/16/05

I will rule outdoor advertising with an IRON FIST! BOW TO ME PEASANTS!!!

King Renier the LXXVXXVIIILXVIII 4/16/05

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