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Feeding laxatives to the TO-DO list

posted in Home Jabber on April 19, 2005

What is this odd sensation of productivity? I better be careful or I'll soon have nothing to tear my body apart with stress about, or rant & blather on my BLOG (gawd I hate that word as much as ZINE) about, or just plain use for excuses to avoid people. Will I lose my coveted title of Master Procrastinator? Will I feel caught up and relaxed and poop normal again? NO! THIS MUST STOP!

My TO-DO list is starting to look as skinny as me, my records are sitting on freshly constructed HACKSAW BUASKY LTD pine shelves, eBay auction items packed & shipped, Motel Life mockup #2 in the electro-mail (see detail above), and FINALLY moving along, AND I even managed to smash my body into an oddly satisfying pulp after snowboarding over the weekend.

Unfortunately, no comics. Why does that always come AFTER all the other stuff?

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Cover looks GREEEEEEEEEEAT!!! (They'd be fools not to go for it!) It loaded up and I said "SHIT!" out loud.

I say keep that productivity ROLLING and start scripting your BIG BOOK!!! RAWR!!!

Alec 4/19/05

wait... MOCKUP #2 ... this isn't the FINAL?? It looks so AWESOME!

Anonymous 4/19/05

Err.. thanks. I had wanted to get some photo reference, but I just did this from the ol' dim gray tanker. In, of course, typical last minute panic mode at 2am. Things I'd improve on a third version are the "bags" on the floor that look like mutant walnuts or dormant cockroaches, more grit & mess about the room, and better sheet folds (not my strong point, not having any classical instruction on.. well, anything.. but folds too).

I still haven't heard back from the publisher, tho. The communication between UK and Portland is a bit broken up. (Especially when I can't even afford domestic long-distance!)

nate 4/20/05

You definitely nailed the color on those motel curtains... that ubiquitous puce/mustard/baby-poop color that I've heard referred to as 'Palm Springs Gold.'

Joseph 4/21/05

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