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The Thirty Days of PANIC

posted in Home Jabber on May 13, 2005

I am on day 2 of the THIRTY DAYS OF PANIC. I have a calendar etched out with little containers for the ungodly number of things I want to accomplish before heading to MoCCA, including:

  • finish Brainfag6.3, make a Brainfag6 book of all 3 chapters, print print print
  • print new Brainfag t-shirts (I'll put em online, too)
  • make a few new covers for my kid books, print a bunch, and package em together
  • reprint Brainfag5, 7, 8, 9, and...
  • concoct, stew, brew, pencil, etch, ink and spew Brainfag10!
  • catch up on all web projects
  • not destroy my currently blissful relationship
  • yes, that says draw Brainfag10 up there. in TWENTY-EIGHT days now... i am frickin nuts

It's quite possible I won't accomplish half of that and still find myself in the doghouse. But I'm damn excited to try. Especially the Brainfag10 part. I have a lot of smaller ideas running around my brain, and the Big Book, daunting enough to make it painful to even type that shit out, is just not happening.

And I mentioned this in a comment, but the effing Noell Webb landlords decided to send our $340 to a collections agency. Apparently the $650 they already have wasn't enough to repaint the walls white and clean the oven. This just totally stresses me out, as I'm already strapped financially (a perpetual condition, I know), and just don't have the time or interest in taking it to court. But I still want to try. Because I REALLY don't think I am obligated to pay them just because their handyman charged an outrageous amount to ready the house for the next tenant.

Blegh! Anyway, been catching up on a lot of webstuff. On the Zine Symposium site, I put up Profiles for all the volunteers and finished the online tabling (a royal PAIN). Reading Frenzy got an Events RSS feed, as well as many new items in the Trading Post (and even more up soon, along with a fancy Trading Post homepage). I helped Greig put up a site for Tugboat Press (I know, nothing yet, but tomorrow it should have a bit more info..) I've made some more mockups for, and Victor's journal and photo site,, is nearing completion.

I drew a geetar for Willy who's touring in England, the lucky bastard. I also drew some lil' doodads for the Motel Life cover, which is currently in the very capable hands of the talented gray318 / Jon Gray.

I also have a new design (or antidesign, really) for, but I don't know when I'll find the time to put it up.

Whew! What a shitload of nothin! At least it feels like it. I feel like I've been slaving away at this machine for the last three days with a shrapnel spray of anxiety beating around my chest about what I WANT to do for MoCCA. YAR! I Will Go Mad Creative Busy Productive For The Next Three Weeks And Draw Comics! Fuck yeah!

Oh yeah, Scott and Alex of Fitzcarraldo Studios put on a fucking amazing mock prom last weekend! It was a blast! (Tres' photos here..)

Oh yeah #2, that drawing is from our recent trip to Seaside, where we spent about 15 minutes on the beach in a 4-day visit. (Soon Bok worked at the Signature Imports store located there, and I slaved away at the machine.) But it was fun! Nice just to disappear from the city for a spell.

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Good luck with yer' plans - don't run yerself into the ground doing them though!
Loved the guitar.

Nulsh 5/13/05


Alec 5/14/05

*in funny accent* you can DO IT!

Joseph 5/15/05


aArOn ReNiEr 5/24/05

I agree. The "UN-design" looks and feels good. Hooray for minimalism!!!

Alec 5/24/05

I miss the tagline "ennui's saucy synonym."

Nobody 5/24/05

you may have to refresh a few times to see it, but the tagline's back.. good to refresh a few times anyway with the new design, especially if you're using Safari which aggressively caches everything.

nate 5/24/05

i liked the old version better :-(

nunya 5/24/05

bah, every time i looked at the old site, it felt like it was someone else's site. this version is super, super-simple for now, mostly to focus on the CONTENT, which means i DRAW MORE and upload that.. instead of fiddling digitally with the structure AROUND my art. ('course, some may say that the site is a form of art in itself..)

anyway, i'll be fine-tuning this design excessively in the coming months, so it will slowly look better. wait, didn't i just say i didn't want to digitally fiddle? whatever.

nate 5/24/05

Awesome pic of Nate HERE

I like the new site design. I was surprised at the reduction at first, but now instead of playing with the menu rollerovers or glancing at what is new, I just start reading as soon as the page loads. The tidy recent images box is awesome too.


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