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Last chortle of my twenties

posted in Home Jabber on June 30, 2005

I feel like my good run of drawing is slipping away. Maybe it's the fact that this is the last few weeks of my twenties and I'm gonna have to say goodbye to that dumb kid that inhabited me during the last drug-addled decade. Bah!

For my last immature chortle, I have drawn a morbid flyer inviting people to celebrate my "first step over the small hill" dressed as a failed suicide. I have a feeling I'm gonna be the only one dressed up!

I just finished the amazing Epileptic by David B. (Notice in that link that the sample pages are titled "Persepolis 2" -- pretty funny. OK, maybe it's only funny to a webdesigner/comic artist.) Every fricking panel is an amazing piece of work. I love his imagery and symbolism and thick, wavy black lines. I'm totally jealous. Great, yet another cartoonist to be jealous of. Maybe I'll smash his face with a book in my next dream.

So, even though I've hemmed and hawed eventually given up on losing the Brainfag moniker, I am again obsessed with moving away from it. I mentioned this before, but it totally feels like I'm murdering my child or something. Maybe if I just got big in Europe or Japan, where the name doesn't immediately conjure resistance and dislike, I'd relax and just keep drawing instead of worrying about it. I always finally decide that I'm just going to draw my book and name it something totally different and then that'll be the start of something new.

Basically it comes down to shutting up and drawing. Hope you Portland folks can make it to my bday party on July 15th! I'll send out an email invite tonight.

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Maybe just put Brainfag on the shelf for a bit, and don't use an ongoing title. Like your kids books. It doesn't need to be your big book... but you could do minis with titles different from one another... like books do.

Well, I'm in Scott Winklebleck's basement. Milwaukee is really great. Where ever I go there are more people that I miss. ugh. Missin Portland now... what the hell am I doing, right?

Aaron 7/3/05

Yeah, I think I just need to shut up and draw, seriously. Shorter stories with different titles, yes, yes, good idea!

I don't know how much longer I can stay in Portland myself. I think I may flock to a warmer clime this winter.

Tell Scott howdy for me.

nate 7/3/05

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU'RE DOING RENIER, you're moving to New York! Hurry up too, would ya? Cause I miss YOU!

Yeah Nate, a journey of a million pages starts with a single mini-comic. Or something like that....

Alec 7/3/05

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