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Zoos & Fruits

posted in Home Jabber on July 08, 2005

It's almost one and I haven't eaten. Well, I lie, I had some FRUIT. But I keep finding myself late in the day completely dumb with hunger and confused as to what to do about it. Eat, right? OK, I'll go .. uh.. eat..

aaron artWent to OMSI and the zoo with my brother, Jamie and the kids. I have a hard time not getting depressed in large throngs of touristy humans, from the commute through the jammed interstate, into the full parking lot, and then hours in closed spaces with everyone snapping digital photos and video.. I wonder why I find it so sad instead of hilarious. Or why am I not just fascinated and happy to look at the big plastic exhibits sponsored by PGE? Am I really that maladjusted?

I did have fun, and I noticed myself being less judgmental than I have been in the past in such circumstances. I've seen videos of my 17-year-old self recently and I'm horrified. I was such a punkass. I mean, it was so painfully OBVIOUS how judgmental and disgusted I was.. at least now I can hide it better. Ha! Just kidding. I'm a changed person. Ever since Brainfag, I've been bathed with a positive and uplifting light.

But kids! Kids are always a blast to be around. I mean, when they're not whining about what they can't get or hitting each other, I love being around my brother's kids. They constantly draw me pictures and surprise me with kid insights out of nowhere. Plus they're fun to wrestle with because I can win for once.

hannah artGeek note: my Powerbook had been crashing more and more, which seemed to be triggered by pressure on the underside of the case. This caused me to handle it like it was a live bomb, as well as make me freak out about the possibility of having to replace my $1700 super-girlfriend. When it froze, it would beep three times on power cycling, an error code signaling either bad RAM or dying logic board. After a few months it was so bad it was freezing every time I picked it up (thereby completely defeating its portability). I had made a vow never to poke my clumsy Hacksaw Buasky fingers into this titanium beast, but by now I was ready. A quick google search turned up an article detailing a common short in the trackpad ribbon cable and how to fix it. An hour later I had healed my precious overpriced Apple laptop's manufacturing error fixed with two tiny pieces of electrical tape!

A week now until I turn thirty. I finally accepted the fact I'm not a 30-waist anymore and bought some 32-31 jeans. Now I don't have to unbutton my pants when I ride my bike or sit down. Ha!

Recent movies we've watched:

  • Mean Creek (not amazing, but not terrible)
  • Batman Returns (badass as a Batman movie, but terrible claustrophobic fight scenes and cheesy love interest)
  • Sin City (for second time, playing at the Kennedy School, gross as hell but fun)
  • The Third Man (amazing french noir film with Orson Welles, one of my favorite actors)

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