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More hyphenated words bitten off than you can chew on a stick

posted in Home Jabber on July 12, 2005

I'm convinced the summer is never going to come to Portland. It's 80 degrees everywhere else on the planet, but 65 degrees and gray here in Portland. Hey, God? I'm barely tolerating this polluted gentrifestation of a city structure, so why don't you kick down some sunshine, eh? Jeeeesus.

I've gotten an order from France, a request for postcards of my work from a fellow in Malaysia, and a random heartfelt letter praising Brainfag8 from Alaska in the last few days. Having postcards suddenly seems like a cool idea. I've been into the easy slap-a-stamp-on-random-paper concept of postcard postage lately. Combining that with some my art would be smart. You see, I'm a little slow in the head when it comes to the concepts of self-promotion and making money. You'll have to excuse me. I just hate both with an irrational fervor.

I attempted to make a pinata of myself to hang for my Suicide Party, but after two days of frustrating paper mache sessions, it looks like a lumpy, oversized, bowling pin creature with a huge shnoz, meathead brow and half-eaten, cottage cheese ears. Not what I was going for, to say the least. Hey, people are just gonna beat the shit out of it for some candy, right? Who cares?

Speaking of no summer, I'm officially burnt on holing up in a dark attic slaving away on the computer. I am SO ready to go camping, swim in the river, hike, go for a long bike ride, visit Orcas, go to South America, Australia, Korea, etc. First things first, however: must get out of debt. So, it's back to the dark & dingy, insulation-still-hanging-from-the-ceiling attic and tappy-tappy-tap, clicky-clack.

Currently in the midst of another pulse in the ever-mutating hump of Too Much Shit Going On, which is the play of my life, which is a don't-run-to-the-shitter-you-might-miss-something actionfest, always. Totally. Websites websites websites.

And the '06 Zinester's Guide to Portland. Hell yeah. Unh.

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nate, go to to get postcards. they rock. they've done some of my photography postcards before, and it's surprisingly inexpensive for full color.

i vote for this one:

scott 7/13/05

better yet--let's split the cost of postcards and advertise both of our drawing/creative geek talents, and get double the bang for the buck.

i'm good at stealing postcardstamps too.

scott 7/18/05

if ur quite short of budget for postcard printing try and avail of some of their special offers. i think you won't regret trying out their services :-D

juliared 1/30/06

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