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Please stop blaspheming my body

posted in Home Jabber on December 19, 2005

Soon Bok and I just made kimchi after playing Scrabble six times in one day. We braved the blizzard to get supplies and are now holed up in our plastic-coated house waiting out the storm.

I thought I'd get all foofoo creative and make my own wrapping paper by soaking paper in beet juice. This, as noble a venture as it was, turned into a complete failure. So it's off to Walgreens for some 99ยข paper to add to the umpteem billions of landfill once the holidaze are extinguished. Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

This winter's theme so far has been Family Guy episodes, fuckin, lots of fattening food, hiding from people, Scrabble (a recent addition), movies movies movies (go Kong! kill that dinosaur!), talking like the dog from the Jetsons, baths, abusing the electric heater, eating out, eating in, eating on the way to eating out, copious amounts of tea.. it all sounds so domestic. But I swear Soon Bok and I keep it lively and fresh by constantly ridiculing each other and doing other non-domestic activities. (What is non-domestic?)

I recently uploaded some illustrations I'm doing for a piece in a new mag called Litmus. There should be about 3 more appearing very soon. I'm also working on a something-something for

Everybody's been scowling at me at the grocery store and no one is reading my website. I think I'm on my period. Soon Bok keeps giving me hickies and it's pissing me off, hence the title.

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Don't worry Nate, we hear ya. Happy Holidaze to you and Soon Bok!

Raymond 12/25/05

i put a monkey on yr homepage & a really depressing monkey too.

dwight 12/25/05

thanks j, and what a beautiful monkey it is.

Nate 12/27/05

no problem. anytime.

jd 12/27/05

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