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posted in Home Jabber on July 12, 2006

My brother (visiting for a few hours to rendezvous with Mom and pick up my nephew Aaron) and I just finished fixing up the dirty & rusty, dorktastic-sticker-addled (one of them was a Floater sticker: eww!) freebie Bridgestone with $15 worth of parts into a madmax clone of my previous Takara roadbike:

bridgestone madmax commuter

I'm taking suggestions on what to put in my gay saddlebag.

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Anal beads!!!

Aaron 7/12/06

baby powder!

josh m 7/13/06

@a&j: i meant *besides* my anal beads and baby powder. duh!


Nate 7/13/06


Aaron 7/19/06


Sarah 7/20/06

KY Warming Lube!!

josh m 7/21/06

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