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Giant Ball of Stress Seen Camping

posted in Home Jabber on July 17, 2006

photobooth fun

Oh-hoho! Fun with Photobooth! Endless hours of fun from the lil' $1800 camera-machine! Aaron sure got a kick out of it while visiting:

photobooth fun w/ aaron

photobooth fun w/ aaron 2

I had a pretty low-key birthday. Turning 31 just isn't as eventful as 30, I guess. I spent a good part of the morning meeting with a new client, Bill Daniel. Then I built some new shelves in my utility room (much needed as we have *no* storage space in our new home). Then chopped the legs off one of my chairs and spraypainted it black. Age a bunch of food. Watched some Six Feet Under. And Soon Bok took me to dinner at the local Thai gem, Monsoon Thai.

Jonathan Hill sent me this for my bday (I think he got me all too well!):

jonathan hill's bday drawin

We're renting a car the next few days and heading to the coast to attempt a relaxing camping trip. I am so stressed it's making me tense up like a .. big.. stiff.. angry little man. So a few days on the sand would be divine to soften me back to the irritable cheapass I default to.

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man that photo at the very to is a brick of solid gold shit from the ass of a virgin! you look so awesome!

it's like you're a superhero of constipation or something....

jonathan 7/17/06

Have fun camping, Nate. Relax, man. You need to borrow some of my drugs or something? They really do help.

Hey, we were just chatting about you last night and realized it's been two years this month since our first project together. You remember the one. So happy birthday, Nate, and happy anniversary too!

Raymond 7/17/06

@jonathan: thasme, the superhero of constipation. you gotta take it where you can get it.

@raymond: you mean that drug called LIFE?! i'm on it man! so on it!

yes, yes, i remember. hey, been playing with Django the last few days.. while Rails is sweeping the webgeekworld, here i go fiddling with another underdog. haha!

Nate 7/17/06

you remain the man with tech-fusion plan; the macgyver of the web-design underworld. there is a certain undeniable beauty to yr fussiness. did i spell that right? come see me, you son of a rather entertaining lady.

luv, jeremy 7/21/06

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