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Black Soldier flies just wanna have fun

posted in Home Jabber on August 01, 2006

If there indeed is a god, and he's the archetypal white-bearded man constructing the various interworkings of our planet -- what the fuck was he thinking with the fly? One weird-ass creature, I tell you. In fact, ALL bugs are pretty weird. Maybe they were designed by god's goth brother. You know, the kind that scribbles quietly in the corner, cackling under his breath now and then as he scans his environs, only to go back to his huddled scratchings.

Black Soldier Fly

My compost bin is writhing with larvae. It doesn't smell at all, and I never put meat or dairy products in there, so I looked it up on the eenernet. Turns out they're Black Soldier fly larvae, which are a good thing. But how creepy is this: (quoted from here)

H. illucens cannot pupate in the bin environment, so after a couple of weeks as hungry larvae they will crawl out of the bin in search of soil or other protected area in which to move to their next life stage. Their mouth parts convert from chewing mandibles to a special digging tool with which they dig themselves a nice little "nest" in which to pupate. Pupation lasts a few weeks after which they emerge as flying adults.

Not only that, but once they're adults, they "have no functioning mouth parts, instead spending their adult lives in search of mates and reproducing". Now that's the life! They accumulate their entire lifetime food supply as a grub, then go out looking to fuck. And that's it. Man, I am so jealous.

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"They accumulate their entire lifetime food supply as a grub, then go out looking to fuck. And that's it. Man, I am so jealous. "

Nate, I am at university. That sounds like everybody I know.

Jason T 8/6/06

Yeah, I guess I should have elaborated a bit on that.. ha!

Accumulating my entire food supply as a teenager would be fantastic -- then I could focus on, uh, other things, for the rest of my strange human existence.

nate 8/6/06

Do u want to know how black soldier flies behave in the tropics. Im a Ghanaian and currently researching on the behavior of black soldier flies in the tropics as part of the requirements to fully graduate from university. Its amazing the way they are abundant in the tropics and they feed at a very fast rate. Im currently investigating their rate of feeding on different food stuffs in the tropics. Its amazing what I have come to realise. They are so active in the tropics.

Shadrack 9/8/09

Hi Shadrack

I am building waste disposal bins that accomodate black soldiers flies for the purposes of waste reduction. I wonder if you are prepaired to shair information on our findings?


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

John 4/19/10

Fingers are faster than brain.. thats "share"


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

John 4/19/10

i am totally prepared to share information on your findings.

nate 4/20/10

Hi john I stay in pretoria and I have been searching for BSF for the last month and a half. I see that you build bins for Black soldier fly s is it possible if I can buy some from u. My e-mail is

mario 5/30/11

Hello Everyone-
I have been conducting research on BSF for the past 13 years- and published a few articles on its biology. Anyone interested in collaborating? South Africa is not out of the question!


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