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Zombie Angry Nauseous Nate Eats Grossant Sandwich

posted in Home Jabber on March 03, 2007

nauseous nate

zombie computer dork

angry man

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i work at my favorite bar.... so i bartend all day... then i switch to the other side & join the drunks... its often kindve rather incredibly sad as hell.
workplace humiliation comes in many forms, amigo.

dwight 3/3/07

i am simultaneously sorry and glad i could be part of your recent zombie work. i have to say, shaking that feeling is one of the few things that make the cubicle tolerable. that and cool people in the other cubicles who dont mind the zombie (and/or are themselves).

you should set hours for yourself. when it works, i mean. sometimes (even back in portland) i found this was nice, though less flexible, because i would swear off looking at work stuff after that schedule.

man, this is boring comment material, no? sorry everyone!

jon 3/3/07

@jon: i just needed to get my computer out of the house and back into the office now that there are people hanging out in our tiny space 24/7 (two peeps w/ no jobs).. and dogs.. and music, food, telephone calls, various drama, etc. just one day back in the office and i'm 100% more relaxed.

i agree, setting hours is a great idea. i've tried a million different methods in the last 5 years, and the only thing that really worked was when soon bok worked 11-7 and i first got the office set up. that worked fantastic. unfortunately it was pretty short-lived.

@dwight: ha, workplace humiliation indeed.

nate 3/4/07

I'm sure we could install a treadmill at the office; you could jog on it for a few minutes, so you could go home covered in a nice layer of sweat.

Joseph 3/8/07

ah the perks of self employment
enjoy this laborious tax season!
or put it off gettin sloshed

weston 3/17/07

amen brother!

nate 3/17/07

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