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LA bound

posted in Home Jabber on March 25, 2007

Ed. Note: mun2 flew me out to LA this weekend to see if I'd take the job as Sr. Designer they have open (instead of short term contractor, as I've been the last month..)

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!!!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!?!?! Holy SHIT Nate! This is BIG NEWS!!! That is going to be one crazy adventure! I hope you will continue to draw while you are down South so we can hear about all of your adventures... MAN! LIFE. Fucking crazy, huh???

Alec 3/26/07

I heard the light in LA is much brighter than in other cities... you need to get some nice sunglasses. Congratulations.

Acorn Reindeer 3/26/07

I think what I said when you got a car was that soon you'd be driving to the co-op next door. It hasn't gotten that bad has it?

I'm sad to hear that you'll be leaving Portland. I'll miss you. But I wish you all the best with your new adventure. I hope it makes you very happy.

Remember: keep making art!

Greg 3/26/07

@acorn: hell yeah, i've always wanted to wear sunglasses... err..

@greg: ha! no, and i just got a new (used) road bike (bianchi san jose singlespeed) today, so i'll be riding that most places. tho i have been driving more than i'd like to admit. like how i drew you? egads! art forever! i'll be making more art!

nate 3/26/07

Awesome drawings! Good luck to you!

Arlene 3/26/07

Nate: How exciting for you. Good luck to the both of you on your move to the Southland.

Jeff is in Vista, which is in northern San Diego County. (40 minutes by train, hours and hours by car!) Maybe you two (four) could get together and he could share some of his California experiences with you. (Some good and some not so good.)

He is talking about joining us in Hawaii in the winter. He misses Oregon but the weather in So Cal has some real advantages over the Western Oregon rain - especially when one is a landscaper.

Again, the best to you and Soon Bok. Change is good and exciting, we should know. Aloha, Susan

Susan Wehren 3/31/07

man, i'm sad about this LA buisness. the best to you man, hope to get to see you before you leave.

alex 4/6/07

Oh, the irony ....

Kimberlee 4/19/07

@susan: definitely, i'd love to meet up with jeff. i'll email and get his # from you.

@alex: this friday at b-side, i'm copying keith. i'll give a jingle today.

@kim: indeed. irony & hilarity all mooshed into one. nate the californicator? we'll see... i'll be visiting a friend in sanfran at some point (not that it's any closer to pdx, ha!) and i'll definitely check out yr shops & hang with johnelle.

nate 4/19/07

awesome, i'll b-there.

alex 4/19/07

Damn, i can't get any 'san fran hang time,' asshole.

But on a less serious note, CONGRATS NATE! Bammy Fresh told me about a week ago or so. I'm [whisper]proud[/whisper] of you. -punches arm]

My initial reaction was the same as my moms, short tree.


Nate, Soon Bok and tag along kitty have all made it to LA safely and have started the move into a new place. Our fearless leader will update you all soon i bet!

YoBro 4/30/07

Congrats Nate!!! A new adventure in your life...enjoy the journey! Can't wait to hear how it's all going...we KNEW you were destined for something great...wonder if this is it?! It is pretty awesome. We are proud of you.

Aunt Cheryl 5/4/07

Wow, Nate, I just checked in and read the news! Congrats! I hope it turns out to be an amazing surprise and a lovely LA life for you.

Krissy 6/1/07

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