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New Bike!

posted in Home Jabber on April 13, 2007

journal comic 04/12/07 pg1
journal comic 04/12/07 pg2
journal comic 04/12/07 pg3
journal comic 04/12/07 pg4
journal comic 04/12/07 pg5
journal comic 04/12/07 pg6

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3 cheers for passing your drug test! i was schizophrenic when i took mine and they didnt even notice!

jon 4/13/07

ha ha

Congrats on the new bike. Love the drawings!

Arlene 4/14/07

sunlite is friggin superb tho i still avoid it like the plague. but yeah, wow, you have officially beautifully sold the farm. genbc?! LA?! adventure ahead, baby. i love it, i do... be sure to come visit NOLA scrape, you corp whore, we'll make sure you get a D on yr next taste.

jeremy d 4/14/07

Lemongrass rocks, eh?

Joseph 4/14/07

@jeremy: i assume you mean "test" right? looking forward to the scrape.

@joseph: indeed. tasty + useful. citronella!

nate 4/14/07

Hey everyone, my site is down:

(Sorry to abuse your comments nate!)

Alec 4/29/07

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