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ghetto LA cameraphone journal blurt

posted in Home Jabber on May 13, 2007

la photo 1

L. Ron Hubbard Way: hell yes, amazing, I love it. This is a huge block of Scientology, including:

la photo 2

Look at the size of it!

la photo 3

Part of the NBC/Universal day of "orientation" was a tour through the studios. This being a part of the, um, Crossing Jordan set.

la photo 4

More tour. This was a silly bit of theatrics where we entered a "subway" on the tour buggy, and a fake earthquake tore it apart and thousands of gallons of water came rushing towards us. Then everything went in reverse and we drove out.

la photo 5

Bates motel!

la photo 6

Honey Pig Korean bbq with Jose, Ana, Jon and Soon Bok.

la photo 7

Elevator at work. Doesn't CityFood® sound delicious?

la photo 8

Honey Pig Korean bbq again with Soon Bok.

la photo 9

Octopus that effed my stomach up. Ew.

la photo 10

Griffith Park fire that got us evacuated from our Los Feliz home for the night. Photo of the Travelodge room tv. Highlight of the drive down (and our one night as evacuees): watching Survivor Man in motels.

la photo 11

Mad kimchi selection at Korean market in Koreatown.

la photo 12
la photo 13
la photo 14
la photo 15
la photo 16

Delicious meat products of the Korean market.

la photo 17

Oin and his new best friend: a cardboard catnip scratch board.

la photo 18

We bought a butane grill and made our own kimchi for a feast at home. Yuuuuuuum.

la photo 19

Fancy bike stand waiting for another ride.

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NATE! Thanks for the photo dump. It's good to see some of your daily sights and hear what you think of them. Uh... glad to know the hills still catch fire every season? Hope you are finding some time to draw... Did you get a ticket to New York yet???

Alec 5/14/07

whoa! we *both* got welcome-to-la fires! wait, mine was a "good bye" fire i guess.

sorry to hear that the second round with the octopus didnt end up that well. eesh.

i didnt get to see the crossing jordan set (they were filming, i think). i dont know what the show is, but -- what the heck is that a photo of!? at least it matches nicely with the korean meat section of photos! ha

dang. your home-cooked meal makes me uber-jealous. yum.

jon 5/14/07

@alec: yeah, i've been drawing a LITTLE bit. i'll post a comic soon. haven't got tickets yet, no. still trying to decide if i can make it.

@jon: what was your good-bye fire? i don't know what crossing jordan is about either, but the set was pretty damn cool. it's amazing how detailed the sets are. that photo is of a dummy of a guy that was in a fire and is being dissected ,apparently. reminded me of the six feet under episodes where they made uber-detailed dummies for the people that died in each episode for the mortuary scenes.

this was the first time i made kimchi as soon bok got called into work (i just wrote wok, ha!) and i had to step in and do my best as a pseudo-korean honkey. it should be ready to eat tomorrow, i'm excited to try it out. (the stuff we used for this feast was just fresh from the batch, so it wasn't fermented.. but still tasty)

nate 5/14/07

I think "flapmeat" is my absolute new favorite word of all time.

When I saw the footage of those fires I thought of you. I'm glad your shit ain't charred! And glad you're enjoying your new town. I know you'll pry into every nook of your new hood and document the weirdness.

Sarah O 5/14/07

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