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Crash Landing at the Skanky Peppertree

posted in Home Jabber on May 28, 2007

journal comic 05/28/07 pg1
journal comic 05/28/07 pg2
journal comic 05/28/07 pg3
journal comic 05/28/07 pg4
journal comic 05/28/07 pg5
journal comic 05/28/07 pg6
journal comic 05/28/07 pg7

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great summary. was there really a red splotch on the toilet paper? yeesh!

i love that you mentioned sysco. brady and i used to joke that gracies should start getting sysco service. the other day i saw that they now have a sysco classic brand. imagine that... classic. "mmm, i miss that sysco taste that grandma used to dump out of the can." ... "you are in luck, jimmy! now you can relive that great taste!..." haha

jon 5/29/07

That's crazy. Love the neat drawings!

Arlene 5/29/07

@jon: sysco classic? ewwww.... red splotch? ewwww.. (i think it was lipstick, but still...)

@arlene: thanks! somewhat neat.. i drew this over 2-3 weeks, little tiny bits here and there, in various not-so-drawing-friendly environs, huddled over my ghetto sketchbook in lots of uncomfortable positions (mostly at diners). hard to get a good flow going w/ that sort of schedule.

nate 5/29/07

NATE!!! YES!!! this is the journal-style comic I was hoping for! I was laughing out loud reading this and it made me semi-nostalgic (in a negative way?) for Los Angeles. Thanks for posting this and I hope you'll keep it up, odd schedule or not!

Any news on MoCCA???

Alec 5/30/07

i think i've stayed at that ramamda.

alex 6/4/07

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