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Beautiful, beautiful.

posted in Home Jabber on June 11, 2007

journal comic 06/10/2007 pg1
journal comic 06/10/2007 pg2
journal comic 06/10/2007 pg3
journal comic 06/10/2007 pg4
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ugh, just reading this makes me hate moving. we moved 7 blocks and i found myself AGAIN swearing off ever moving again, ever buying anything new, etc etc. but i wish i could have some korean bbq right now...

jon 6/11/07

agreed! on all fronts. rereading this, i am struck by my repetition of omigod/oh my gawd, shit, fuck, holy crap, holy shit, forget it, fuck it... haha. can you tell i drew a frame here, a word bubble there, as i squeeze in 10 minute drawing sessions when i can, where i can, over of the course of a month? also note i finally started finding a readable style in the last page w/ using the THIN rapidograph (3.5?) that has sat unused for years. dur.

nate 6/11/07

Love the furniture names... that'd be great if IKEA came out with a FOOBAR coffee table... heh.

Joseph 6/12/07

i hate ikea and if you ever move again,you will too... what's worse than ASSembling furniture? disASSembling it, packing it, moving it, and trying to reASSemble it minus the screws that disappeared in transit ...

now THAT is fubar!

kimberlee 6/12/07

@joseph: ha! so glad someone noticed, heh. you can't really even read them all at this resolution. thx for reading. (people read this stuff?)

@kimberlee: i guess it's better than the homemade alternative. at least the pieces fit back together. with each move (used to be less frequent, but i'm becoming more nomadic as i get older i guess) i definitely move toward the idea of an empty house. or movers, haha. we loved korean homes because there was NO furniture (in most..). you sat & slept on the heated hardwood floors.

nate 6/12/07

Ugggggh. I'm going to be moving again this Fall... I'm digging the new 1024 layout Nate. That Farber and Farber cover is looking sweet and I CAN'T WAIT for the Brainfag book!!! Hey, check your mailbox, I sent you something today... :)

Alec 6/14/07

Ill my Ikea purchses broke while i was putting them together. :(

Ian 6/19/07

i meant all

ian 6/19/07

Wow, hey Nate!...Greg informed me at APE that you were moving down to LA. I hope all is cool! I know all about moving, my husband and i are still recovering from our move to our new place, and that was LAST OCTOBER. With our old landlord pushing us out the door and, us having to make 20 trips back and forth to haul our stuff, it got so frustrating that we finally decided to put most of our outside our old apartment and labeled it all "FREE". Actually, we should've put more stuff out, looking at some of the crazy stuff we kept. anyway, good luck and congrats!

Rina 6/21/07

hi nate
i never call you nate
just saying hi
thinking about you guys

alex 6/22/07

@alec: ha, i can't wait for the cover either. it's tough communicating w/ folks in such a different timezone.. slow going!

@ian: yeah, i think i busted some of my ikea crap, too. but the funny thing is, i can't tell, ha! we just got a chair, a few simple pine shelves (which totally look like something i would build myself, they match my ghetto record holders..) and a chintzy-ass nightstand.

@rina: all is NOT cool in LA! smog + heat! ack! we also left a ton of crap out on the street w/ "free" -- hell, i even PAID people to take shit. some guy rode away w/ $10 and a boxspring on his bike (in my comix somewhere..)

@alex: we miss you too.. but not Murphy, hahaha. hohoho. (hidden photos section!)

nate 6/29/07

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