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I love old Star Trek

posted in Home Jabber on May 29, 2008

star trek suits

"All station personnel are dead." - Spock
"What caused it?" - Captain Kirk
"Unkown captain. It's like nothing we've dealt with before!" - Spock


Joost has a ton of the old '60s episodes you can watch for free (with some mildly offensive Cadillac ads atm), and I'm very much enjoying the juicy colors of late '60s film; the hilariously ridiculous costumes (check out the spacesuits on the top image!); the saucy female uniforms (who needs to cover them polyester underpants?);

captain kirk

the greasy, pointy hairdos; the plethora of chirping, whining plastic devices that can scan and interpret just about anything; the high-cut shirts and pants and saucy lil' boots; the multiuseful electrohypodermic needles that go "woosh";


ye olde spock two-finger shoulder stun with Kirk's ubiquitous "you've got to teach me that"; the undeniably sexy Uhuru; Kirk's flat delivery yet somehow engaging presence;

star trek kirk

angry Bones and his perpetual battles with Mr. Logic; Sulu and Scotty and their goofy breakdowns -- it just doesn't get any better, does it?

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I know the guy who created most of the original sound effects for the tv show. He also holds the patent for the synthesizer. Very interesting guy who lives in Sunriver, Jack Cookerly. Look him up.

yobro 5/29/08

yeah and all the wacky alien life forms. who could forget the tribbles? (weren't those just overstock from the local toys-r-us?)

good times, good times.

kimberlee 5/29/08

Oh I love it too. I think they're reissuing the original episodes, remastered from film. They look better than ever!


I look like Spock! Even my friends say so. But I take it as a complement.

Ella Adams 6/7/09

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