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posted in Home Jabber on May 30, 2003

All of the comics I had scanned in on the old site are online. The new setup is unbelievably more efficient than the old... I used to create HTML pages for each spread and by hand change all the "Next Page", "Last Page" links, as well as the and page titles... Ugh! PHP is a godsend for these repetitive sorts of pages.

The only problem is that search engines don't currently parse dynamic sites w/ pages ending in PHP. So, I don't get any more of my 'Gorilla Porn', 'Cheerleaders Bending Over', 'Grandpa Sex' or 'Sexy Comics' Google traffic anymore. ('Course, I wouldn't anyway, since our Masturbation Experiment journal isn't online anymore..)

Aaron and I got attacked by a mob of younger black kids on the way home from a party at Abigail's tonight. Aaron got knocked off his bike in front of a car but I managed to stay on my bike. We rode off shaking & stunned, barely escaping death. Well, not really. We both had the urge to fight back, but since there was some 50-70 people mulling about (a function was just ending outside a community center on Failing & Kerby), we decided it was best to keep riding. Very weird.

I also added 6 new illustrations.

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