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posted in Home Jabber on November 08, 2003

I recently got *two* orders for Brainfag 3 -- which hasn't seen print in ages. I haven't even looked at the monster forever, having long ago given away my last copy. But in searching for the masters, I had to tear apart my press archives I'd carefully packed in the basement with a steadily building panic that I'd lost them. And I actually didn't find them the first night I looked, but I did find some other treasure I wasn't expecting to see ever again.

First was the long, *long* out-of-print The Time I Got Crabs: a genuine time capsule of Nate comics from a pre-Brainfag era. I had just put out my rambling typewriter journal & doodle zine, Funk Magnet, and was apparently struck by a rare run of decent drawings & clear vision in the muck of my early twenty's output.

The second treasure was old negatives of my highschool girlfriend Ginger (who stars in the Crabs comic, consequently.) I had burned every photo I had of her (a considerable stack) eight years ago. Some of the recently excavated negatives are nudes. What's that? Of course I"m going to have prints made! Are you kidding?

The next night I found the masters to BF3. Therefore, early, scrappily-conceived comics of my past sexual escapades are once again floating around. Eek.

The Time I Got Crabs is available for order (Cheap!) in the Comix section.

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