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posted in Home Jabber on November 18, 2003

The above photo is my room just before I decorated the basement with my ubiquitous WIRES and CABLES and general CORD-ASSOCIATED CHAOS. Ack! I am incredible at two things: 1) losing *any* item (often permanently) in a space ten-feet in diameter, and 2) spreading my cables like a bad sci-fi robotic octopus (polypus?) into every room of my house. COMPUTERS! STEREO! PHONES! LIGHTS! SCANNERS! SPEAKERS! Ack!

Winter's here and I've regained my urge to drink thick, dark beer with high alcohol content until I get warm. And, then, earlier tonight: "So, what prompted you to buy an X-Box, Nate?" "Um.. Not sure, really. Oh, I think it's because I was decorating the basement." Becca gave me a bag of peanut M&M's, Scott a bag of Almond Joys and we drove home.

Arriving home, I found myself with a sixpack of thick, dark beer, a bag of candy, and an X-Box. Boyhood is upon me with my BMX bike and videogames!

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