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posted in Home Jabber on November 19, 2003

I think I have finally found my favorite site in the ring of Conservative Websites Against Hollywood Pundits, EGADS!

And what about a fellow who cries BOYCOTT MICROSOFT! alongside IS EARTH LIFE FROM MARS?, offers useful articles like HOW TO BUY A COMPUTER, and then urgently defines CONSUMER ANGST? Here an excerpt of his story of how he fell in love with his computer:

"Outside, a storm blew in as I worked. Then bam! -- lightning struck a tree just outside the house. Sparks flew all over my desk, zapping my pile of backup disks and resetting the computer to its dumbest state. As I got up off the floor, I realized I might have lost all copies of my great program. Suddenly and thoroughly mortal again, I began issuing a barrage of commands to the computer to try to save its memory of my program. I tried about a half dozen truly arcane things without effect. Then I found a command that worked. The screen filled with the program, just as I had left it. I stepped back. The computer had crashed blindly into nature and survived. Its little red lights were blinking, its disk drive spinning. How can I say it -- I was in love."

Oh, and my mom just sent me a box of Christmas Cap'n Crunch in the mail. This is truly a sign that my crusade towards boyhood is spot on with what I should be doing at age 28.

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