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posted in Home Jabber on December 01, 2003

Since my last post I've been immersed in learning how to lay out the Shrike website redesign in cascading style sheets. Here's something I could do in 10 minutes with tables, but has taken me a *week* with CSS. It's been humbling, starting over with something you've become fluent in. Breaking down old thought patterns and forging new tricks with the stiff, old-dog brain.

This is part of my crusade lately to 'do things right' in various areas of my life, attempting to seal the tumble-down shack I've precariously constructed around me. In contrast to this, I completely ignore how to 'do things right' financially and am slipping into debt this winter. I bought a new down comforter yesterday to replace my ex-ex-girlfriend's-mom's tattered, sad, warmthless rag I've been attempting to sleep under.

Haven't been drawing at all. A creative coma has followed the quick release of two comic mags. Numerous people have suggested I stick with comics dealing with relationships. A great idea, I agree. Relationships are an unending source of painful material we can all laugh at. Unfortunately I've been single for over two years! Perhaps all this distance between my last few relationships may give me the er.. creative freedom? to unveil some aspects that wouldn't have been possible with the memories (& girls) in close proximity.

Also, my yearly escapist videogame geekout has begun, officially marking the start of the winter season: Jedi Knight II on the XBox has been eating my brain. Past two week geekouts have included Tony Hawk 3, Heavy Metal FAKK2, Nox, and Grand Theft Auto 3. I am not terribly entertained by videogames anymore, but every year I get lost in one or two games for a few weeks.

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maybe no relationships because they have seen the last comics about past girlfriends. they are afraid to become a comic.

yo bro 12/3/03

Good point. It's definitely a possibility. But truthfully, most people like to see themselves in published comix or writing, whether it's flattering or not. (Tho my more saucy & revealing relationship comix probably steer girls towards *not* wanting to appear in print..)

I know that *I* still get a kick out of seeing myself in someone else's art, even if they accurately portray me as the irritating little man.

nate 12/3/03

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