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posted in Home Jabber on December 03, 2003


I have been FREED (boy that looks weird) from yahoo f'in spam-tastic mail. I heave a gigantic sigh of relief. The urge to mount a crusade to expose just how ANNOYING and AWFUL yahoo's free mail service has become is slowly dissipating.

I've had my yahoo account for more than *six* years and all of a sudden it just went to crap! Every message went into the bulk mail folder, even if the person was in my address book. I was forced to hand-pick the few real emails I'd receive in a day from upwards of TWO HUNDRED spam msgs! AKKKGH!

For some reason, I had put off attempting to use the mail server thru my ISP ($6 a month, and pretty flawless service to boot), which has POP3 forwarding. Now I can use Mac's Mail with bayesian filtering built-in and return to sanity.

Or hate computers a little less for the moment.

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Consider this post a blanket apology to anyone who has tried to contact me unsuccessfully in the last month and/or all who suffered thru my yahoo tirades & email whining recently.

nate 12/3/03

do you suggest your customer in Federal Way switch to this And what IS that red stuff in the picture of food??

krautqueen 12/9/03

Access4less works great for me. I lost 35 pounds in to weeks thanks to Access4Less. And I don't have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen with my new Chop-o-matic from Access4less.

But seriously folks, it w 12/12/03

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