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Happy V-Day Brainfagettes.

posted in Home Jabber on February 14, 2004

It's just a lovely day out, isn't it? I went for a walk and talked to some birds and ordered a dainty cup of tea from an unusually chipper cafe worker. There was a man whistling in the alley while he secured a piece of netting on his chainlink fence. A toothless man asked me if I was connected to a telephone line, then told me he was an AOL person himself. My bagel was lovingly smothered in cheese, oozing delicious fat onto the plate.

Wow! It's wonderful to be alive! Happy v-day!

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shawn and bec 2/14/04

happy natron!!!

natron fan #631 2/14/04

"Don'tcha just love love." -Savannah Smiles

jeffrey 2/15/04

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